Dimensions, Distortions, and Positions

Some things are hard to measure accurately just because they are big or are truly three dimensional objects with important features on multiple faces or axes. Another situation might involve multiple components or pieces of equipment where their exact positions need to be determined.

Mechtell uses photogrammetry and laser tracker techniques to make high accuracy 3 dimensional measurements of large components. We can measure features, relative positions, and distortion of components and assemblies. Our techniques combine all measured targets(features , elements) into a single three dimensional model allowing us to get dimensions that are difficult to measure directly.

Photogrammetry allows us to measure around, above, and behind equipment. We can measure difficult-to-access locations if we can get targets installed on them. Measurements across open spans are easy. We can measure in close typically to better than 0.001" accuracy, and we can measure well beyond 100 feet while maintaining accuracies of 0.010" or better.

Pump Dimensions Measured

  • Centerlines of bores relative to the reference bores
  • Diameters of bores
  • Distances of faces from reference face
  • Angle of faces relative to reference face
  • Flatness of the faces
Pump Dimensions Measured Pump Faces Measured

LP Inner Cylinder Distortion Due to Water Induction

Distortion Due To Water Induction

Sole Plate and Surface Distortions

Sole Plate Distortion

LP Exhaust Flow Guide Out-Of-Round

Flow Guide Distortion

Distortion in a Spherical Bearing Ring

Spherical Bearing Ring Distortion