Mechtell's GenSim is a state-of-the-art generator simulator for excitation system testing.

GenSim is an Excitation System test set designed for use on all modern excitation systems and voltage regulators, both analog and digital. The GenSim test set is designed for set-up calibration, maintenance testing, and troubleshooting all modern excitation systems and voltage regulators. This equipment will simulate generator and exciter operation in order to perform a complete test of the excitation system, and related protective devices, while the Turbine-Generator is shut down

GenSim Excitation System

GenSim Benefits

Use prior to start-up of a new or overhauled excitation system in order to eliminate many hours of costly and risky operation at full speed, no load.

Use during periodic maintenance outages in order to verify that the excitation system protective devices are set correctly and functioning properly. The protective devices are utilized to prevent the generator field from overheating; prevent the generator stator core from experiencing excessive flux and end iron heating damage; and also to prevent the machine from losing synchronization with the power system.

Use for troubleshooting an excitation system in order to locate the problem without operating the machine and exposing the generator to a potentially damaging over-excitation incident.

Use for checkout of auto synchronizers by utilizing one phase of the simulator PT voltage for the generator PT input to the synchronizer and a fixed voltage (i.e., 120 volt 60Hz from a wall outlet) for the running system PT input to the synchronizer. Use the 3-phase variable voltage and frequency for checkout and calibration of volts per hertz protective relaying.

Use the GenSim outputs for checkout and calibration of various Watt/Var transducers and metering.