Industrial Measurement Capabilities

Mechtell specializes in high accuracy measurements of three dimensional real world equipment.

We can relate the sizes, positions and alignment of features on different sides of a structure. We measure objects and features that are less than inch across up through those 100 feet and more across.

Mechtell uses industrial photogrammetry for most of our measurements because of its accuracy and flexibility. We also use laser equipment when specific job conditions require it.

The following pictures show some of the photogrammetry targeting used to measure of the positions and angles of the different sealing planes and bores in a high pressure, high volume pump. The accuracies attained in this case were generally 0.001" or better.

High Pressure Pump Measurement Pump Measurement Surfaces

In another case we did a virtual fit-up of the levels and positions of seating plates for a machine and the corresponding mounting feet of the machine itself. This allowed the customer to identify discrepancies before the machine was actually set in place.

Sole Plate Distortion Turbine Frame Placement