TurboBalancer 4

Mechtell's 4th generation portable 24 channel vibration data acquisition and display instrument. It is designed for vibration analysis and balancing on large turbine-generators and other heavy rotating machinery.

TurboBalancer 4 TB4 Software Plots


  • Small and portable (an 11 pound lunchbox)
  • Built in data collection and storage capabilities (solid state hard drive)
  • Onboard data display with mouse and keyboard. External USB mouse supported.
  • Remotely and locally accessible and controllable via network
  • Included remote PC software is the same as the built-in software to minimize the user learning curve
  • Concurrent remote PC connections can be made to a single TB4 unit through a connected network
  • Saved data can be retrieved via network connection or USB jump drive for review on any PC with the TB4 software
  • Multiple concurrently active jobs using any one of 3 independent shaft references and any portion or combination of 24 input channels
  • Accepts various displacement, velocity, and accelerometer pickup types. Corrects for pickup type characteristics to display true angle and amplitude at all speeds
  • Allows for reference angle, pickup angle and runout correction to provide a true view of shaft movement
  • Works with most types of shaft reference signals without adapters
  • Real time datapoint windows can display any combination/order of 1x, 2x, and filter out X/Y data you desire. Filter out and 1x amplitude are also shown on an optional horizontal bar plot
  • Automatic time and speed based data acquisition as set by the user
  • High amplitude or high vector change emergency save can be set independently for each datapoint. On an emergency event, a high frequency save will be initiated, capturing data from both before and after the event.
  • Plot windows display any combination of plot types and displays of both real time and saved data
  • Plot types include Polar, Bodie, Amp-Time, Frequency Scan, Cascade, Orbit/Time Domain, Shaft Centerline
  • For a more focused analysis, plot windows allow a range or subset of the saved data to be selected for display.
  • Designed specifically for use on large power generation equipment.