Whole Train Alignment Check

A whole train alignment checkup looks at the positions and levels of bearing pedestals, outer cylinders, and other components on a turbine train. On older units, it is a good check on foundation movement and grout conditions.

Whole Turbine Train View Turbine Train Centerline

The alignment checkup is somewhat like a long wire alignment except it is easier, faster, and can include measurements beyond the bores on any of the stationary components. As performed by Mechtell, it provides both vertical and horizontal positions and relative levels of components. It measures bearing, oil, and gland bores, pedestal and cylinder horizontal joints, blade rings, diaphragms, and pretty much any other feature of interest. The shaft centerlines of assembled turbine sections of the train or the generator can be included if desired.

Mechtell uses industrial photogrammetry to acquire the measurement data. General work in the area can continue while measurements are being taken so long as measurement targets are not disturbed.

Catenary Curve Graph Relative Bearing Elevation